Kids Like : Elementary student bloggers crossing the digital divide

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Examples of Student Blogs in Mr. Schwartz Class

     Below are two example of student blogs from my class. When we considered sharing the student's blogs on this site, the student's parents and I anticipated that the students might have a lot of people visiting their blogs, because we were now actively drawing attention to them. We didn't want the children to have access to a blog that was receiving a lot of attention so we established a new blog for the student on a new url and locked the student out of their old" blogs".
     The students will import all of the material on their "old" blogs to their new blog so their work will stay with them. We'll still enjoy showing the students and class how many hits these blogs get so please check them  out!
     You can even submit a comment for review. I will be notified that you submitted a comment and then I will review it. If it's appropriate and positive, I will publish it, and then the authors will be able to read your comments. I encourage you to submit positive comments and even offer gentle suggestions for how they might make their work even better than it already is. They might even take your input to heart and edit their work on their new blogs based on your input!

1. Student Blog Example: Soccer Star's Blog
2. Student Blog Example: Hooverneb's Blog
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