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Technology Club

Hi this is Mr. Jon Schwartz. I teach first grade at Garrison. I will be running a Technology Club here at Garrison Elementary. We will meet every week in the morning from 8:00 until 8:45. I will teach kids graphic design, digital art, Photoshop, and website creation. These are skills that are in high demand in the global marketplace. 

The kids will not have their own website; we will create one together and use art that we have created in Photoshop. No photos of students will be put on the website without the parents' express written permission, and no student names will ever be used. The students will not have access to the site content; I will control access to the site. The students will not have home access to the site contents, but will be able to view the content at home or at any computer.

I have 6 computers in my room and I plan on having 12 kids in the program. Here's how I will break down the available spots:

1st Grade gets two spots     (2)
2nd Grade gets two spots    (2)
3rd Grade gets two spots     (2)
4rth Grade gets three spots  (3)
5th Grade gets three spots   (3)

I plan on asking for referrals from the teachers. There will be a lot to learn and the students need to be highly motivated to use computers to learn and produce art and use technology. Once the kids are referred by their teacher I will contact their parents. Once accepted the kids need to have perfect attendance and be on time or their spot will be given to kids on the waiting list. 
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