Kids Like : Elementary student bloggers crossing the digital divide

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News Articles, Video, and TV shows about our Elementary Student Blogs

Here are some recent news articles and TV reports written about our exciting elementary student blogging program

Using Blogs to Engage English Language Learners
(July 14, 2011). Click here to read the article.

Fox 5 TV San Diego
Teaching by Blogging: Mr. Schwartz's Classroom
(May 23, 2011). Click here for Youtube or click below

Education News
An Interview with Jon Schwartz: Using Student Blogs to Teach Writing
May 14, 2011. Click here to read article

Converge Magazine
Garrison Elementary Students Create Digital Blog Portfolios
May 13, 2011. Click here to read article

North County Times

Students Practice Writing with Blogs
March 6, 2011. Click here to read article

The Coast News
Student Blogs Foster Writing, Literacy Skills
June 12, 2011. Click here to read article

The greatest thing about Fox 5 TV's Reporter Kristina Lee's visit with us was how she modeled many of the skills that we've been working on in class. By doing all of the camera work and reporting herself, she gave the kids a 90 minute master class lesson on videography, writing, interviewing, editing, and reporting. What a great learning opportunity for our students to see a media professional at work!

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